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SPORTFIVE is the world's no.1 football agency and one of the largest sport agencies worldwide. In these countries you will find local SPORTFIVE Companies

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United Kingdom | SPORTFIVE Limited

12 Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1BG

Phone: +44 1625 540 503
Fax: +44 1625 540 502

France & Africa | SPORTFIVE S.A.

16-18 rue du Dôme, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Phone: + 33 1 74 31 70 50
Fax: + 33 1 74 31 70 51

Germany | SPORTFIVE GmbH & Co. KG

Barcastraße 5, 22087 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 376 77-0
Fax: +49 40 376 77-129

Italy | SPORTFIVE S.r.l.

Corso Einaudi 22, 10129 TURIN

Phone: +39 0 11 4500750
Fax: +39 0 11 19781724

Bulgaria | SPORTFIVE GmbH & Co. KG, Branch Bulgaria

11 Uzundjovska Street, Sofia 1000

Phone: +359 2 9810185

Poland | SPORTFIVE Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Krzywickiego 34, 02-078 Warszawa

Phone.: +48 22 622 94 87
Fax: +48 22 622 84 41

Asia | SPORTFIVE International

8 Shenton Way , #30-01, Singapore 068811

Phone: +65 6578 55 00
Fax: +65 6578 55 11

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Company Profile

SPORTFIVE Italy is part of the international SPORTFIVE Group and cooperates with the Serie A teams Juventus Turin F.C., Atalanta B.C. and U.C. Sampdoria. For these clubs, SPORTFIVE Italy is the concessionaire of certain marketing and commercial rights. As part of a long-term strategic partnership with Juventus F.C., SPORTFIVE Italy exclusively sells the naming right and markets other promotional and sponsorship rights for the new stadium in Turin. Since 2001, the agency has been implementing its comprehensive marketing model for Atalanta B.C. This comprehensive marketing model developed by SPORTFIVE integrates different sponsorship and hospitality tools into an interlinked marketing network and has been successfully applied to numerous clubs across Europe. For U.C. Sampdoria, SPORTFIVE Italy manages specific aspects of the commercial and marketing rights. The newly established Italian unit for Stadium Development draws on the SPORTFIVE Group’s expertise in this field and manages new stadium construction and modernisation projects in all phases.

The SPORTFIVE Group also operates offices in countries including France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Malaysia and Israel. The global network is used to combine international expertise with detailed local knowledge about specific conditions and represents a key strength of the world’s no. 1 football agency and one of the largest sports agencies worldwide. SPORTFIVE covers the entire spectrum of sports rights marketing; from the trading of international TV rights to stadium advertising, shirt sponsorship, stadium development and hospitality programmes. In all, the Group markets more than 30 national football associations and over 250 international clubs and 10 leagues. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded SPORTFIVE the Olympic broadcasting rights for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and the 2016 Games across 40 countries in Europe with the exception of some key markets. In addition to its core business of football, SPORTFIVE is also active in international handball, rugby, tennis, triathlon and much more.


Walter Crippa
Managing Director


JUVENTUS Football Club S.p.A. and SPORTFIVE Italia S.r.l. have concluded a long term strategic partnership with respect to exclusive naming and partial promotional and sponsorship rights of the new stadium approved on 18 March 2008 by the JUVENTUS Board of Directors.

Atalanta B.C.

SPORTFIVE Italia has been cooperating with Atalanta B.C. since 2001 and is the concessionaire of the club’s commercial and marketing rights.

U.C. Sampdoria

For many years now SPORTFIVE and Sampdoria have been cooperating together in a variety of ways in terms of the management of commercial and marketing rights.

Stadium Development

Drawing on its comprehensive skills and know-how gained from daily marketing work all over the world, SPORTFIVE Stadium Development has been involved in a vast number of new stadium constructions and renovations for more than 10 years.